“Crypto Mom” and Wallet Madness

The after-effects of the SEC decision in the Winklevoss case were still felt this week, but the crypto community seems to have found an ally in the ranks of the US Securities and Exchange Commission with Commissioner Hester Peirce. In the meantime, several hackers have gained root access to McAfee’s supposedly unhackable Bitfi Wallet and claimed the $100,000 reward. With modest success. The opinion ECHO in the calendar week 31.

May I call the Bitcoin revolution?

The end of July saw many Hodlers disappointed by the SEC’s renewed rejection of Winklevoss’ proposal for a Bitcoin revolution exchange-traded fund (ETF). But there was also resistance to the decision within the Bitcoin revolution. With Hester M. Peirce, ETF supporters have an advocate within the authority itself. The SEC commissioner, appointed by US President Trump in January, announced her dissent on Twitter and provided a multi-page, detailed paper. This not only brought her a leap in the number of Twitter followers, but also a new nickname: “Crypto Mom”.

Affection statements such as these bustle are currently almost in the comment columns of Peirce’s Tweets.

Keep up the good work! Many in the crypto community may not realize or care about how important your position and dissent are to the future of crypto currencies, but many of us do. We applaud your actions and efforts, ma’am. Carry on! 😊

In an interview on CNCB, Peirce has renewed her criticism of her colleagues’ verdict:

An Exchange arrives and says about the Bitcoin loophole:

“We have a rule change that we would like to introduce and that would allow us to trade this Bitcoin loophole product. But then the majority of the Bitcoin loophole commission said that the proposed amendment was incompatible with existing law. In this case it is the Stock Exchange Act. However, my position is that the amendment that was presented to us was indeed compatible with the Stock Exchange Act”.

She also hopes that her well-founded contradiction will lead her colleagues to a more ETF-friendly position:

“I hope, having presented what I believe to be a sound analysis, that my colleagues will take it into account when discussing the next [ETF proposal]. This is the hope that we will always try to influence each other’s thinking. That is part of what we are doing as the Commission.